Ep 82: Sound Series 10 – Showcase with Sudha Rao

This is the final of our ten-part Sound Series where I talk to writers and artists about their work in relation to sounds they have chosen.

In this episode we get to hear responses from Sudha Rao to some of the exercises. I also talk to Sudha Rao about sound and her writing. I’m very grateful to Sudha for letting us play some of her work.

Sudha is appearing with some other amazing writers in Show Ponies: The Return at this year’s Verb Festival in Whānganui a Tara.

Sudha Rao

In these podcasts we often talk about a lot of music. I’ve set up a Spotify playlist that captures some of the songs we talk about:

Better off Read is available on iTunes and Spotify and most podcasting apps.

Better off Read is also available on PodBean where you can subscribe by clicking here

Or you can listen to it here

Made with the support of Creative New Zealand Toi Aotearoa

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