Ep 77: Sound Series 5 – Brannavan Gnanalingam and Tokerau Wilson

This is the fifth of our ten-part Sound Series where I talk to writers and artists about their work in relation to sounds they have chosen.

In this episode I talk to Brannavan Gnanalingam and Tokerau Wilson.

Brannavan chose the sound of rain on a roof and thought this was a good representation of what he was imagining.

Tokerau chose the sound of paper being ripped – here is his recording.


This is a free styling exercise.

Play either Tokerau or Brannavan’s sound in headphones and record yourself composing along to it.

That simple. What happens when you have rain or ripping paper as a back beat?

Exercise Showcase

At the end of this series I’m going to make an episode showcasing the responses to these exercises. Maybe you would be willing to share your exercises for this showcase.

You can leave your recordings or links to recordings in the comments below.

You can also email me them to me at: betterreadnz@gmail.com

If your sound files are big you can share a Google Drive link or use a service like WeTranfer

Better off Read is available on iTunes and Spotify and most podcasting apps.

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Or you can listen to it here:

Ep 81: Sound Series 9 – Cassandra Barnett and Luke Buda Better off Read

In the Sound Series I’ll be talking to 18 writers, musicians and other artists about how sound features in their work. Today Cassandra Barnett and Luke Buda talk to Pip Adam about two sound objects. To hear these sounds and for information about how to submit responses to exercises to our Showcase can be found on our website https://better-read.com
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Made with the support of Creative New Zealand Toi Aotearoa

2 thoughts on “Ep 77: Sound Series 5 – Brannavan Gnanalingam and Tokerau Wilson

  1. Pip – driven to respond to both Brannavan and Tokerau – back to my dance (rain and the body) and back to nature for paper ripping. Will give it a go Tokearu’s 9 second will be a challenge – but what fun


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