Ep 100: Elements 14 – Point. Cassandra Barnett talks to Pip Adam about a Wooden Croaking Frog Percussion Instrument.

First of all, thank you so much for helping us reach 100 episodes. I am very grateful to everyone who has been on the podcast and everyone who has listened. Thank you.

This episode marks the start of our season on Point. Again, I am still working out what I mean by this. I’m interested in the vantage point that we tell our work from. I’ve always called this ‘Point of View’ but I’m slowly wondering about how this term privileges sight. So, in this season I’m interested in ways of breaking this idea a little but to see if I can get at something interesting.

Cassandra Barnett and Frogs

Some of the things we talk about are:

Here’s a link to information about Kiese Laymon’s book Heavy

Here’s a link to information about Black Marks on the White Page edited by Witi IhimaeraTina Makereti

Here’s a link to information about Ta-Nehisi Coates Between the World and Me

Here’s a link to Cassandra’s essay ‘Wave, whip, rise, roar: The art of Mata Aho Collective’

Here’s a link to Cassandra’s work in Pantograph Punch

Here’s a link to Claudine Rankine and Beth Loffreda’s essay ‘On Whiteness and The Racial Imaginary’


What languages do you come from? If you’re writing in a different language are there certain useful differences in these two languages that could be utilised as a constraint? Take a bit of time to research your origin languages and write some constraints for an exercise. Then write.

Thank you Copyright Licensing New Zealand for funding the Elements series.

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