Short Red: Exercises (2)


Hi All,

Just for ease of seeing – I’ve split the exercises up into lots of five.

First, I’m really aware that people are feeling a lot of pressure from all sorts of corners during the various COVID-19 lock-downs around the world. This series of short writing exercises is not meant to add any pressure – we don’t have to write that novel by the end of the lock-down!

These exercises, which I aim to release every couple of days, came about because I’m trying to find ways of supporting writers I’m working with whose courses are suspended at the moment. I was going to share these exercises anyway so I thought I’d share them a little wider using the podcast.

They are short and hopefully fun … they might be interesting just to listen to.

I’m using Free Sound Library noises in them that are licensed under Creative Commons and I’m really grateful to the folk who make these sounds available.

These podcasts aren’t sponsored although sometimes I’ll talk about books and people that the exercises have been adapted from. Intellectual Property is an interesting question in writing exercises and Ill do my best to attribute the exercises – if I mess up please let me know.



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Or you can listen to it here:

Exercise 6

Exercise 7

Exercise 8

Exercise 9

Exercise 10

More Short Red exercises:

Exercises 11 – 14:

Exercises 15 – 19:

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