Episode 34: Sorority


Artist and Writer Faith Wilson introduces Sorority

An evening of readings from some of Te Whanganui-a-Tara’s finest women of colour.

Identifying as a WOC means that you are in a constant battle with tokenism and the urge to resist or to accept this whether strategically or unconsciously. Your inclusion in mainstream events is always political. Your acceptance is political. Your non acceptance or ignorance is political. Yet many of us successfully navigate both worlds. This is never easy. It’s always a decision. Fight or flight. But something that makes the fight more worth it is the sisterhood or sorority that you have with others who have chosen to keep saying something, to keep opening their mouths in a system of oppression and exclusion that says shut the fuck up. Tonight’s readers all have voices at varying degrees of volume, but all are relevant and need to be heard. The many voices can make a choir or a cacophony. Whatever the noise is, it won’t be ignored.


Gem Wilder
Tayi Tibble
Anahera Gildea
Hana Pera Aoake

Sorority was part of the Enjoy! Gallery Book Fair in July 2016. This episode also includes an interview with Louise Rutledge from Enjoy! Gallery.

Episode 34:  Sorority

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